2010 Testimonials
Classic Quotes:  "The music gives my feet direction."
- Nicholas Lussier 9 yrs old

                         CrED Camp a "a confidence building camp".
   - Nicholas Lussier 9 yrs old
Creative Entertainment Development
Nicholas had such an amazing experience last week at the CrED camp. As I told Johnny, it was as if you had planted a garden with the very best possible soil and nutrients as I watched each of the performers grow over the week. Nicholas was a "shrinking violet" that first day (clinging tightly to his lunch box, in a big chair from which his feet couldn't even reach the floor) and I could see his "petals" sprouting each day until when on Saturday he was a tall, strong flower with beautiful shades of growth all through him. I was so proud of all of the performers on Saturday, not just Nicholas. I could see how each had grown in ways that they needed to.

Janet Lussier - Parent        August 27, 2010
I need to say something about Cred;
This is the only program of its kind in this city ! Kathy is the only person in this city that can bring these names to Ottawa.(Read those name again ) Artist who have been in the industry 30 years and more... sharing their craft and life experiences.Working with kids in her program.

This is the real deal, no wanabees here!

I can 't say enough about Kathy Grant and her commitment to developing talent.

Anthony Testa - ParentAugust 21, 2010

CrED Inaugural Session  ~ What people are saying...
For Participants:  Please complete the form and send to CrED Administration
It was a pleasure Kathy being a part of your event, and being back in good ol Canada, been a long time! I loved it! You were a great Hostess! Tell JB I said thanks and he was great as well! Clifton what can i say? You all's duet [was] awesome! OMG!

Herb Jackson - Presenter and PerformerAugust 27, 2010

A highly anticipated summer camp, CrED Bootcamp launched its Inaugural Program at the prestigious and internationally recognized Ashbury College August 16th through August 21st.

CrED (Creative Entertainment Development) was designed to motivate and initiate true talent in young people.  The founders, Kathy Grant of KGM Enterprises and Johnny Blanks of DMI Inc. New York brought together a vision on capturing youthful minds and fully engaging them artistically.

The program took each participant through the process of self-evaluation.  On subsequent days Movement and Vocal Exercises were employed which augmented the confidence factor in each participant.  Modelling, Acting, Dance and Comedy were all explored at CrED.  During the session, CrED played host to the Chaperones and Students of the
CrED Post - Session Report (to be published in Airplay 360 Magazine

Vivian Fowler Memorial College of Nigeria who were in Canada on tour. Read more in the September 2010 Issue.

Well, CrED was a really big change for me; I never really thought that I'd be able to do any of the things I did and CrED just showed me the light.  I guess it's true what they say:  "if you say you can't then you won't.  And I say I can I AM able to do all these things!

Theo Mahon - CrED GraduateAugust 31, 2010
CrED is a really great program and it helped me with my drumming and made me better at it.  There are good friends you can make and a lot of information to take in that helps you to be better at what you do.

Adam Mahon - CrED Graduate        August 31, 2010
CrED is a very special learning environment where kids and even young adults can come together to learn in a supportive, creative and loving manner.  I learned quite a bit from my experience at CrED this year and I am pleased at the progress that I and everyone else made.  Thank you Kathy, JB and all the speakers for your insight, willingness to share and constructive feedback.  It has made me a better person and a better performer.  See you at CrED next year!

Kat Mahon - CrED Graduate      August 31, 2010
CrED is a good place to explore your creative abilities and discover new talents and expand on existing talents; it's also a great and safe place to meet and converse about ideas with other artists and receive constructive criticism!  I gained knowledge from my first and second CrED experience.  I feel that each time has been an enriching experience and I'm looking forward to the next CrED!

Emma Nicholson - CrED Graduate                September 15, 2010