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We encourage industry professionals to volunteer their time and expertise to benefit our growing clientele.  Learn more
We encourage our parents to get involved with CrED.  There's so much that you can do and also enjoy.  Get involved and support your child's career dreams  by being a volunteer with CrED.anywhere from 25-50 volunteer positions

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We encourage our business and corporate community to get involved and support this program for continued growth and expansion of our entertainment industry.

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Be a Volunteer when we come to your state!  Coming soon to N.Y., N.C. and Virginia.

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Volunteers who are responsible and mature-minded are welcomed.

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Volunteer Assignments

Are essential to the effective execution of CrED.  Volunteers may assist with the following:

Young CrED:
  • Work with CrED participants under 10 yrs

  • Set up facilities prior to the start of CrED
  • Assist with Registration of participants
  • Facilitate CrED Campus Registrants 
  • Welcome Parents, Corporate Entities, Sponsors
  • Ticket Sales (Special Events, Product Sales)

Sound & Technical
  • Volunteers may be assigned to assist with sound system/lighting and other technical requirements as needed

Facilities Crew
  • Volunteers may be assigned to assist with daily clean-up of facilities; ensuring forgotten items are promptly returned to participants

  • Volunteers may be assigned to aid in the Transporation of our out-of-town guests

VIP Services
  • Volunteers may be assigned to VIP services; to run small errands (food/drink/etc) for VIP guests; Ottawa point of interests and other services as may be requested.

See below for volunteer types, assignments and descriptions
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"When your brand purchases a CrED Sponsorship package, it is committing itself to delivering experiential relevance and value to thousands of industry influencers including press, creatives and their millions of collective followers, who have come to expect nothing less from CrED and its partners. Through activations, product integration, social media and logo placement, your brand has the tools to educate, entertain and engage a captive audience on what it is doing to make a difference in the lives  of young people today. So put your best foot forward."
18  - 2021 - 3435 & Older
Young CrED.  Hospitality, Sound & Technical Facilities CrewTransportation CrewVIP Services
ParentIndustryCommunity PartnerInterested Party
Goods n services
Hair n makeup artists
Water n beverages
Runningshoes  for PTs
Sound equipment,
Media time, in-kind service, 
Graphic designers,
Largescale G&S
Venue donation
Sound and lighting
Staging plants, flowers
Podiums/operational mics
Stage hands
Sound operator
Vehicles (Ford, KIA
Airlines (Westjet and\ United)
Tim Hortons
Booster Juice
Bus travel
Ground Transpo
Monetary donations