Clifton Davis, Herb Jackson with two CrED participants: Kat Mahon & Samantha Testa
Clifton, Herb, Kat and Samantha
Nicholas Lussier with Kathy & J.B.
Johnny Blanks listening intently.
Nicholas rehearsing his modelling before leaving home to attend the Grand Finale
Nicholas after his first performance on day 1 of CrED
Ian Sabourin, 14 years od, but looks like 18...great singer/songwriter already....congratulations Ian on all your success!
Woman of many talents: singer/songwriter/actress/grap;hic artist, floutist,...the CrED flyer was created by her...congratulations Kat and continue to shine!
Theo Mahon working on his Comedy craft on Day 2 of CrED.
Nicholas justt before the Grand Finale Performance
Kevin Friday speaking to all the CrED participants.
Kevin Friday doing a marvellous job and loving it!
Day 2 and it's movement day....the kids learned that the stage is their home and they have a right to feel comfortable in their home!
Kathy, Kevin, J.B.
The Girls from Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls in Nigeria.  They were on tour in Ottawa, housed at Ashbury College.  Thanks to Pastor Babalola for arranging their involvment with CrED.
J.B., Nate (Blue Bear Sound) and Kathy after his presentation on Mic Technology
Clifton, Herb, Mack, Kathy & J,B., Samantha Testa
Clifton, Kathy, Herb
Creative Entertainment Development
Quite the gentleman, Clifton helps me up onto the stage
J.B., Amanda Mills, Kathy after receiving her medal and carnation.
J.B., Nicholas & Kathy after receiving his medal and carnation
Clifton and Kathy performing "How Do You Keep The Music Playing" by James Ingram
Johnny Blanks - CrED Founder
Nicholas and Kathy
The chaperones responsible for the girls of Vivian Fowler Memorial College with J,B. myself and Nicholas
Samantha Testa
Rachel  Roberts
Melissa Kaye Pare
Cyril and Chris Babalola
Anthony Testa Parent and Emma Nicholson
Rachel, Amanda, Adam, Samantha and Emma tuning in with intensity.....NOT!!! lol
J.B. getting the kids moving with some crazy movements.
Kathy & Johnny - CrED Founders
Emma Nicholson...after being a CrED Graduate, she's placed in the Kiwanis Idol Top 10.  The judge said her's was the best performance of the day.  Way to go Emma!!
Emma showing her CrEDs during her performance at Kiwanis Idol Top 20 Semi Finals.
Emma leaving it all on the stage.