Dear Parents, Guardians and Participants,

Welcome to Creative Entertainment Development where our team will help your child reach their goals. Your support and our professional efforts together can ensure success for your child.  CrED is fortunate to have such dedicated and talented individuals on board with this program.

We realize that you may have some questions about the program, so we’ve created this page with that in mind.  We hope your questions are answered here, and if there is something you still have questions about please contact us.


Kathy Grant
Johnny Blanks
CrED Founders

1.  What is CrED?

CrED is an entertainment performance program that provides young people the opportunity to maximize their potential as performers. Singers, dancers, actors, comedians, models, musicians etc will learn how to compete in this competitive industry.  We will develop their performance ability and address the character building needed for artists today.      

2.  Who founded CrED?

Johnny Blanks is a co-founder of CrED with over 30 years professional experience in the industry.  Mr. Blanks prides himself on being a man of Integrity and character. As a veteran of the U.S. Navy he has specialized in artist development and management in the entertainment industry.  Johnny is a singer, dancer, model, actor, playwright, producer and more.  Visit him at

Kathy Grant is a powerful woman of strength and  character and co-founder of CrED. She is a graduate of Brock University's Fine Arts program with a Vocal Music Degree; she has been Ottawa's Top Gun Vocal Coach since 1989 (28 years); she is an award-winning recording artist and songwriter, a model and an actress with several movie credits.  She is a freelance journalist and the former host of her own radio show "Gospel Groove" plus more. Visit her at

Both founders are well-qualified to organize, craft and execute this unique performance camp in your area.

3.  What exactly will be taught at CrED?

How to bring out your best performance.  Becoming competitive while supporting others.  How to bounce back from setbacks. When do you need management.  How to energize your performances by using emotional experiences.  How to use visualization as a tool.  Character principles, Excellence, Respect, Determination, Good work-ethics, Perseverance and so much more are  things individuals need when they enter this challenging field of entertainment.  With CrED you get a head start in the industry.

4.  How long will it last?

Week End Bootcamp    (1 Month)                                            Saturday and Sunday
Graduation on following Saturday                                            Red Carpet

5.   Who is this program geared to?

Young men and women who want a life-changing experience while developing their creative talents.  Young people who want to build their performance ability while giving back to the community.  This programs helps build confidence even when others knock you down.  Challenge yourself now with CrED and be on top tomorrow.

6.   Can  professional organizations benefit from this program?

Managers, labels, production companies can benefit with our one-on-one development of artists.. Visit the CONTACT US page on this site for details. Dance, vocal and theatre schools also benefit from CrED.  We encourange artists to continue their personal training to become triple threat performers once they earn their CrED Medal. So we encourage you to support us with this program.

7.   What do registered participants need for CrED?

Attire: (Saturday and Sunday)
Wear relaxed, loose-fitting clothes, sneekers

Graduation Night (Bring these items with you)
Model outfit (Will be worn on the Red Carpet)
Performance outfit

Notepads/ Writing Utensils
These will be provided by CrED

8.   Will the sessions be video-taped or photographed?

Yes there will be behind the scenes video as well as performance footage.

9.    Where is this program located?

This program comes to your community because you know the importance of building the character and talents of your child. Let us know that you want us to bring CrED to your state and we will make it happen. We want our CrED graduates to be the next rising stars.  That could be your child once they earn their CrED.  So Contact Us for more information.

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